Even closer to the origin!

Roughly three years ago, I wrote Back to the origin, when I came back to Hanover, New Hampshire. I’ve now moved to Burlington, Vermont, which is roughly half way between Hanover and Montréal, Québec, which is my true origin. I’m very happy to start a new position at the University of Vermont!


3 thoughts on “Even closer to the origin!

  1. I just stumbled across this posting of yours. We have never met I think. You might know me as the author of THE BANACH-TARSKI PARDOX (1985, and now 2016). I grew up in Montreal and went to grad school at Dartmouth, so I understand very well the geography of what you are talking about!

    But I ended up at Smith College, and then Macalester College, and am now retired in Colorado (at 10,000 feet elev).

    1. Hi Stan, I think we talked a bit at Baumgartner Fest (~2010?) but that was a long time ago! I didn’t know you grew up in Montreal! I grew up in Montreal and went to grad school at Dartmouth, so that makes us “twins” in a way!

  2. And there is one more, and probably only one more like this: Issie Rabinovitch also went from Mtl (McGill) to Dartmouth.

    Where I grew up in Mtl is unusual: right downtown, at the corner of City Councillors and Sherbrooke St (1951-1960). Hard to believe there were attached single-family houses on that street!

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